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  • Shannon is an Olympic athlete, World Championships Bronze medalist and two-time US 1500m Champion. When she isn't running she is exploring San Francisco's museums, restaurants, nightlife and art scene.

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Invaluable information , this is certainly both good reading for, have quite a few good key points, and I learn some new stuff as a result ! too, many thanks for sharing your information.

hey shannon, thanks for the info on the socks, they're pretty distinctive on the track. i have crazy calf tightness/soreness you use the soccer, over the calf compression socks in the nike line?

great race at stanford!

I would love to try out compression socks (thank you for the cheap recommendation: college budget is rough when you're not fast enough for sponsorship... one day I hope). Very informative and I'm glad I stopped in on this post! I admire your racing ability

Who cares what they look like if they are practical and help an athlete out. Many sports apparel items are not necessarily aesthetically pleasing but performance is all that really matters.

I have also used these socks when I'm going for jogging at the park

As a heads up, it seems that Walgreens no longer stocks the MediPed socks that I like, but you can find them online. just got some compression socks too. I've used them to buy other socks, but this is the first time I've seen them have compression socks!

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Fantastic blog! Very well written, I expect you to write more

oh,i can’t agree with you,i think he will.

Royal Takeaway Clayton
I have been reading your articles during my lunch break, and I have to admit the whole article has been very valuable and very well written.I also found a lot of stuff in your pages especially it’s discussion.I think I will come back soon.

I initially thought you were making a fashion statement but I looked into compression socks and the technology is sound. Many would benefit from them if they would just try it.

I couldn't agree more! To me, function is foremost. Fashion is second...important, but second.

I think those socks are pretty cool and awesome! They are not just simply socks because they have actually lots of uses. Thanks you so much for sharing this to us!

there's no big deal to your black socks. it is pretty and cute. it is a run not a fashion, so you better focus on the field than to hear what they said. thanks for this nice article!

So what is the difference about her socks? the important thing is, she is an athlete and not ordinary, a champion athlete. Shannon you are a great runner keep that socks as your lucky charm.

I agree that wearing and using compression socks gives here not primary a fashion but a function. i can see that it really make her feel better about the socks. i look at the picture and i can see the fashion on it. i love it. thank you.

Fashion following function! Very distinctive look, but as everyone has said, what's more important is the benefit in performance and/or recovery.

Well for me socks is not important, the important is, her dedication to the run and race is strong. I admire her so much no matter what issue she have.

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